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About us

The first Six years of a child’s life is a unique period during which the child develops an estimated two third of their ultimate intellectual ability, as well as their social & emotional disposition.

Long term studies carried over a period of more than twenty years show that children with a good pre4-primary education are not only better prepared for formal schooling, but emerge at the end of their schooling as self-supporting, more socially adjusted adults.

Our staff believes in maintaining a strong link between school & home, offer comprehensive feedback to parents namely interviews, Parents teacher Meeting & the daily opportunity for communication with the teachers via children’s diary or by meeting personal in the morning hours. The school is especially designed for the comfort of the children, where they can develop a sense of security & group identity. There is a play group section, Pre Primary Section in School.

Our Pre-primary teachers are specialized in pre –primary Education & have insight into the developmental needs of young children, their aim is to encourage & guide children to realize their full potential in term of intellectual, physical, social, emotional & spiritual development